How To Learn Hindi Fast: Your Complete Guide

Hindi is the first official language of India. This Indian language shares its history with languages such as Pasto, Urdu, Punjabi, and Sanskrit among others. In the modern context, Hindi is a common language spoken and understood by the majority of people from the Asian subcontinent. Additionally, it is a preferred language for business, social networking, and more for 1/3rd of the world’s population. Hence, it is no surprise that thousands of people want to learn Hindi fast every year. If you are someone who wants to learn Hindi easily, this article will be of use and interest.

But, what do you do when you want to learn Hindi in your adult life? Is it impossible, or extremely tough, to learn a new language as you age?

If you want to learn this Indian language, surely these questions have crossed your mind:

  • Is Hindi hard to learn?
  • How to learn Hindi fast?
  • How long does it take to learn Hindi?
  • How to learn Hindi writing and reading and become proficient in the language?

If your mind is buzzing with these questions, you aren’t alone! Hundreds of people are on the quest to learn the Indian language, particularly Hindi.

So if you are wondering, “How hard is Hindi to learn?” We have an easy solution!

Read on to discover different methods to become proficient in this beautiful language.

How To Learn Hindi Easily

Hindi is easy to learn if you follow the right approach and some hacks to speed up your learning. If you’re wondering how to learn Hindi easily and quickly, here are some ways you can achieve that.

Be Thorough With The Vowels & Consonants

If you want to learn to read Hindi or write Hindi, you need to first recognize the vowels and consonants.

Hindi has a total of 11 vowels and 33 consonants. All of these come together to create sentences.

Learning Hindi online will certainly give you good exposure to vowels and consonants. But, you can perfect your learning by investing time & effort in becoming thorough with vowels & consonants.

Make A Cheat Sheet Of Grammar Rules

First things first, you must put an effort into learning grammar. The cornerstone of correctly structuring sentences and conjugating verbs is getting your grammar right.

The best way to achieve this is to create a grammar cheat sheet. Put down the basic rules of grammar and create a cheat sheet. Display this cheat sheet on a peg board or anywhere you can glance at it every day.

In no time, you will observe that your Hindi grammar is full-proof.

Keep A Note Of Your Mistakes

Your best teacher is your last mistake.

Undoubtedly, this phrase holds for anything in life, especially learning a new language. Therefore, if you’re on the quest to learn to speak Indian, learn from your mistakes!

For example, if you make a mistake in reading Hindi & pronunciation, revisit the sentence in a few days. Make sure to learn from your mistake and get it right the next time around. This is a sure-shot way of mastering Hindi learning for beginners.

Listen To Audio Clips & Make Your Version

You can create your own Hindi tutorial to make your Hindi learning journey easy! And, what’s the best way to do that? Simple repetition!

Indeed, the best way to learn the Hindi language is to repeat expert speakers. Additionally, try to get their pronunciation, diction, and grammar on point. Listen to audiobooks, Hindi TED Talks, and speeches to grasp different aspects of grammar. Further, you can learn verb conjugation, tonality, vowel & consonant placement, and more.

Once you have heard it a couple of times, try to repeat a few sentences and record yourself. Then, play your recording to check how well you have learned to speak Hindi.

This rule holds good not just for Hindi but also if you want to learn to speak Indian languages! So, pull your recorder out of your cupboard and put it to good use!

Read Hindi & Watch Hindi Videos Every Day

Is it easy to learn Hindi by watching Hindi media? Absolutely!

Watching Hindi videos and reading Hindi content can strengthen your language skills in no time! You can make the entire exercise so much more fun by including videos!

Watch a lot of Hindi talk shows, movies, and comedy serials. This will also improve your pronunciation skills.

Once you make your Hindi learning journey fun, it won’t feel like an uphill task anymore! Then, when someone asks you, “How hard is it to learn Hindi”, you can truly say it isn’t!

Learn 5 New Hindi Words Every Day

If someone asked me, “How to learn Hindi fast”, this would be my number one piece of advice to them. Learn at least 5 new Hindi words every day!

There are so many ways you can come across new Hindi words. For example, you can identify new Hindi words while reading a Hindi book. Also, try to catch new Hindi words while watching a news presentation or a Hindi movie. If nothing else, simply think of an English word and try to find its Hindi meaning! This is how to learn Hindi through English and improve your Hindi vocabulary.

Adding new Hindi words to your vocabulary has several benefits. Firstly, you move from basic Hindi learning to a higher knowledge of the language. Secondly, you can speak Hindi more eloquently by learning new words. Lastly, learning new Hindi words is akin to taking Hindi language classes. This is because, every day you add a little something to your existing knowledge!

Attend Hindi Cultural Plays & Shows

You may have often observed people speaking very complex and accurate Hindi. Have you wondered, “Is it hard to learn Hindi that is so grammatically accurate?”

Let me tell you, they certainly did not learn it overnight.

Being well-spoken in Hindi requires interacting with people, art, and media that offer articulate language experience. The best way to learn Hindi language nuances is to attend cultural shows, plays, and Hindi debates.

Sign up to be an audience in Hindi debates on various subjects so you are exposed to various adjectives and verbs in Hindi. Attend Hindi cultural shows and art exhibitions where you can come across learned people who speak fluent Hindi. Talking to a native speaker is a great way to learn the language. This is also a great way to facilitate Hindi learning for kids and help them grasp tougher words easily.

Learn Hindi Fast On Your Own

Follow the above methods and you will be well on the road to learning this rich and eloquent language in no time!

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