How Long Does It Take To Learn Hindi Online: The Definitive Guide

It’s never easy learning a new language – especially one as complex as Hindi. People speak Hindi in different dialects in various parts of India. Add to this the fact that every noun has a gender, making learning Hindi a tough task. Having said that, it is possible to learn Hindi for free! That’s right, you can learn Hindi easily if you put your heart and mind into it. Read on to discover how to learn Hindi online and everything you need to do to get there!

Create a Study Plan

The first step to learning Hindi is to create a comprehensive study plan. Break down the entire subject into grammar & form, writing, reading, and speaking Hindi. Ensure you cover a little bit of every branch in a day. Doing grammar & form for hours on end can be tiresome mentally. So, switch between grammar, writing, reading, and spoken Hindi every hour. This ensures retention and interest. A great way to exercise your spoken Hindi capabilities is by watching Hindi videos online. Include movies, news presentations, and chat shows among other media. Watching all sorts of Hindi videos is the best way to learn Hindi online. It also gives you a welcome break from tough grammar lessons and refreshes your mind.

Use a Crutch Language

An easy way to approach a new language is to use a crutch language that you have mastery in. For example, if you have excellent proficiency in English, you can learn Hindi through English. There are several apps, websites, and e-books that help people learn Hindi online for free through English. You can learn by drawing parallels in grammar rules between two languages and translating short sentences. These apps also compare nouns, verbs, and conjugation in two languages. This helps learners understand Hindi easily and use this knowledge in their Hindi language lessons.

Besides English, Arabic, Urdu, Sanskrit, and Punjabi are excellent crutch languages to learn Hindi. Several words and pronunciations between these languages are similar, thus helping learners improve their Hindi speaking skills as well.

Engage an Online Hindi Tutor Who Is a Native Speaker

Nothing makes your Hindi stronger than learning from the best. If you’re serious about your goal to master the language and are wondering how to learn spoken Hindi, don’t fret! Your best bet is to engage an online tutor. Even an hour every day of online Hindi class can accelerate your learning curve.

Many people prefer to hit a Google search for ‘Hindi classes near me‘ and learn in person from a tutor. But, having online Hindi classes for beginners has several benefits. First up, it ensures you get access to the best tutor, since distance is no longer a factor. Second, you can learn in Hindi at your own pace. You do not have to keep up with other people in the tutoring center. Lastly, you can take online Hindi-speaking classes at any time of the day or night. You can choose a time that suits your schedule and the tutor’s convenience.

Having Hindi classes online may seem tough initially. All you need to do is develop comfort with your tutor and have a fair understanding of Hindi grammar. Then, you will reap the benefits of your efforts.

Create a Study Plan

Participate In Hindi Chat Rooms to Broaden Your Language Skills

Not everyone is lucky enough to search for ‘Hindi speaking classes near me‘ and find them immediately. If you’re wondering how to learn Hindi for free and find an easily accessible spoken Hindi class, we got you! Chat rooms are the perfect solution. They are a free substitute for expensive spoken Hindi courses. Also, they are free of cost no matter the time of usage. The Hindi language words used in conversational Hindi are quite different from those in textbooks and study materials. If you’re thinking of how to learn conversational Hindi, Hindi chat rooms are a great option. Various websites and apps offer educational chat rooms to serve as free Hindi lessons for beginners in conversational Hindi.

These chat rooms also enable novice Hindi speakers to learn specific Hindi language words that you won’t typically find in textbooks such as raabta (meaning connection) or Raina (meaning night). Learners can also accentuate their Hindi online learning by picking up Contemporary Hindi terms for modern concepts. These include terms like kritrim Buddhi which is artificial intelligence. Many such terms can be easily picked up in chat rooms.

Chat rooms are also a great way to learn spoken Hindi. You understand casual and informal connotations in Hindi that one can use with friends or in an informal setting. They are a great alternative for an informal spoken Hindi set-up. If you have been looking for online Hindi classes near me but without success, head to a chat room today!

Invest Time in Hindi Comprehension

Once you get the basics of Hindi in place and you know how to speak Hindi fluently for beginners, the next step is to upskill and attempt Hindi comprehension. Reading Hindi paragraphs or comprehension to understand and write answers or synopsis has several benefits. It will challenge your ability to think in Hindi and create sentences in Hindi. This is the next step to mastering the language. Many free Hindi lessons on websites or in textbooks offer comprehension exercises. This is mainly done to challenge your ability to answer questions in Hindi.

Watch Hindi Movies, Listen To Hindi Music & Read Hindi Newspapers

Nothing is a better teacher than repetition. The simple answer to how long to learn Hindi before you can freely converse lies in how big a part you make Hindi of your life. Right from movies to TV shows and podcasts or music, you must engage with Hindi content online. Doing this is as good as enjoying online Hindi lessons near me from a learning point of view. If you’re wondering how to learn Hindi for free, Hindi media is the best solution.

Make Hindi songs a part of your playlist and watch Hindi movies. This will help you understand how to speak Hindi freely and fluently in a casual manner. For a more formal Hindi language-speaking experience, you can watch news presentations and Hindi podcasts. All in all, free online content is your big ticket on how to learn Hindi for free from the comfort of your home!

How Long Does It Take To Learn Hindi?

Now that we have discussed all the possible ways you can learn Hindi, let’s move to the next big question. How long does it take to learn Hindi?

Well, the answer to this question lies in how quickly you can do two things

One, learning the foundation & grammar of Hindi, and two, practicing Hindi conversations.

Simply spend at least one hour a day working on Hindi grammar. You will learn Hindi fluently in less than a year.

In addition to this, consciously involve yourself in Hindi-speaking practice. Talk to your friends and family in Hindi, you will master the language much faster. Remember, the more you use basic Hindi words every day, the stronger your grammar will get.

Additionally, don’t underestimate the power of Hindi learning videos! They can accelerate your learning curve and boost your knowledge of the language in no time. What’s more, you can watch these videos repeatedly until you have absorbed and understood the content. It is almost like having online Hindi classes for free that you can start simply by clicking a button!

Wrap Up

There you go! We have told you everything about how to learn Hindi online for free. Now, we hope you begin your endeavor to master this language soon.

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