Easy Ways To Learn Hindi Alphabets: All You Need to Know

Haven’t we all been through the struggle of learning the alphabets in school? Undoubtedly, learning alphabets is the foremost step to gaining proficiency in any language. Hindi is no different. Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world by over 615 million people. It is also an official language in India. Also, Hindi is spoken for business, social networking, and basic communication. For these reasons and more, many people want to learn how to write, read and speak Hindi in their lifetime. Even children learn Hindi as part of their school curriculum. One thing is certain – everyone has to begin by learning Hindi alphabets.

Hindi has 13 vowels and 36 consonants that come together to make a total of 48 alphabets.

If you are looking for an easy way to gain mastery of Hindi alphabets, don’t worry! Hindi alphabets can seem daunting at first. But, if you follow some simple hacks and tricks, you can learn Hindi alphabets in no time.

Read on to discover the best way to learn Hindi alphabets and pave your way to gaining proficiency in the language.

Here Are Some Easy Ways to Learn Hindi Alphabets

Learning Hindi alphabets can be made easy with some simple tricks and hacks. Read on to discover what these tricks are and how you can make your learning journey easy!

Learn Vowels First & Then Consonants

All Hindi alphabets are divided into vowels and consonants. These alphabets are written in Devanagari script and have a distinct pronunciation and sound associated with them. Let us understand a little more about them herein.

Hindi Vowels

Vowels, known as ‘Swar’ in Hindi, are those alphabets that are applied to a consonant to give it a distinct pronunciation. They are individual sounds and do not need any extra language inputs to be pronounced. Here are the 13 vowels in the Hindi language:

Hindi Consonants

On the other hand, Consonants are known as ‘Vyanjan’. These alphabets are dependent on the vowels for pronunciation assistance. Following are the consonants in the :

Hindi Varmala

Here is each of the Hindi alphabets with a corresponding word starting with the alphabet. Use this chart to achieve an easy memorization of the Hindi alphabets.

In Hindi, the vowels are the alphabets that lead to the consonants. Each vowel can be applied to a consonant to give a distinct pronunciation and sound. So, it is wise to begin learning the vowels before the consonants.

Once you know the pronunciation of every vowel, you can move to consonants.

Learn To Speak & Master Phonetics First

Here is a fun fact. Every child first learns how to speak before they can read and write. Even as adults, we must first learn Hindi phonetics and become fluent in speaking Hindi. It doesn’t make sense to try writing or reading when you can’t pronounce Hindi words. So, the easy way to learn Hindi alphabets is to listen to audio. Pay careful attention to the pronunciation of each alphabet and try to replicate it.

Ensure you listen to an audio of a native Hindi speaker so you learn the precise way of saying Hindi alphabets. This is a crucial step in your Hindi learning journey. So take the effort to get it right.

Learn 5 Alphabets A Day

Nobody can learn a new language overnight. Many professors and language experts recommend you learn 5 alphabets a day. This is the best way to learn Hindi alphabets without getting confused.

Doing all the alphabets together can leave you confused and overwhelmed. What’s more, you can access plenty of example words for each alphabet. This will give you a thorough understanding of every 5 alphabets before you can move to the next set.

Learn Hindi Alphabets Through English

Let’s face it – learning a language can be difficult sometimes. What works and has continued to work for several centuries is learning a new language using a crutch language.

What does this mean? For example, if you are proficient in English, you can use your English knowledge to learn Hindi! That’s right. This is certainly a sign of relief for anyone who thinks learning Hindi is an uphill task.

There is a simple hack even when it comes to Hindi alphabets. Each alphabet in Devanagari/Hindi script can be pronounced in English. Following is a chart that shows the English pronunciation of each Hindi alphabet.

So, the good news is that you can use your knowledge of English to learn Hindi. You can easily learn Hindi alphabets in English by reading the English pronunciation.

This is a boon for a native English speaker who is looking to learn the Indian language.

Give Yourself Time

Nobody can learn a new language overnight. Cut yourself some slack and take all the time you need to learn Hindi alphabets. Remember, alphabets are the basic foundation of your further learning. If you rush up Hindi alphabets without being sure of each one, you cannot achieve Hindi proficiency.

Give yourself all the time needed to learn Hindi alphabets. Take it slow and ensure you are completely thorough with each of the alphabets. Only then can you proceed to words and sentences.

Practice Pronunciation & Recollection Often

Practice indeed makes one perfect. As you progress from learning a set of 5 alphabets every day, revisit the ones learnt earlier. Learning and relearning Hindi alphabets will make you thorough. Isn’t this exactly how we mastered English? By learning, relearning, speaking, listening, and only then writing & reading. Only once you have your head wrapped around alphabets fully can you proceed to sentence structuring and grammar.

Wrap Up Your Alphabet Learning in Hindi

Using the above methods, you can easily learn all Hindi alphabets within ten days. Once you are done learning, conduct some revisions and exercises to identify your mistakes and rectify them. This is the best approach to learning Hindi alphabets easily.

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