Easy Way to Learn Hindi Consonants – A Complete Guide

Learning Hindi involves learning the art of speaking Hindi first. Hence, if you are interested in becoming proficient in Hindi Consonants, begin with getting the pronunciations and sounds right. We already know that the alphabets in the Hindi language are made up of vowels and consonants. Both vowels and consonants require special attention and focus. Only once you get their pronunciation right you can proceed to words. In this article, we shall know the different Hindi consonants and understand and understand how to learn consonants in Hindi easily.

What Are Vowels & Consonants In Hindi?

Vowels are independent alphabets applied to consonants to give them a distinct pronunciation. Additionally, they are individual sounds and do not need any extra language inputs to be pronounced. On the other hand, consonants are dependent on the vowels for pronunciation assistance. Hence, before learning Hindi consonants, it is advisable to learn Hindi vowels. Further, once you have understood the distinct sound and pronunciation of Hindi vowels, we can proceed to learn the consonants in Hindi.

First, let us revise the vowels and their pronunciation in Hindi.

Which Are The Hindi Consonants?

As discussed earlier, consonants require the help of vowels to be pronounced. They are dependent on the alphabet. If you’re wondering “How many consonants are there in Hindi?” Let us break it to you!

There are 36 consonants in Hindi. Here is an infographic explaining the pronunciation of each consonant.

Now that you can recognize the consonants in Hindi, let us learn how to pronounce Hindi consonants with English. This is an easy way to learn Hindi consonants using English as a crutch language. Here is a piece of information to easily explain Hindi consonants in English.

Tips to Learn Consonants Easily

Learn 5 Consonants A Day

How many Hindi consonants you learn daily can make you confident or confuse you. It is wise to break down the total number of consonants into sets of five. Learning five consonants a day will give you good retention capabilities.

Find Plenty of Examples & Words

Find several examples and words for each Hindi consonant to better understand them. For example, the consonant ‘Ka’ or K in English has several example words such as kamal (lotus), kachhua (frog), and kabutar (pigeon).

Once you can recollect the example words of each alphabet, it becomes easy to learn the alphabet.

Revise Repeatedly

If you are getting overwhelmed looking at how many consonants in Hindi are complicated, don’t worry. You need to revisit and revise each consonant often to gain proficiency.

Be Patient

Lastly, the easiest hack to learn Hindi consonants is being patient. Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, your learning will not happen in a single day. It can take days or weeks to learn Hindi consonants. Hang in there, you will achieve proficiency in Hindi consonants with patience and effort.

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