All You Need To Know: The Best Ways to Learn Hindi on Your Own

Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Over 425 million people speak Hindi as a preferred first language. In fact, over a third of the world’s population can converse in Hindi. In addition, Hindi is also the working language in several government offices across India. For all of these reasons and more, learning Hindi is a great idea. If you’re wondering about the best ways to learn Hindi language, you have reached the right space!

In this blog, we have listed some of the easiest and best ways to learn Hindi on your own. Interestingly, although Hindi is spoken predominantly in the Indian subcontinent, it is recognized the world over. In fact, it is acknowledged as a regional language in Mauritius, Guyana, and Trinidad & Tobago among several other countries. So, what are you waiting for? Use the below-mentioned ways to learn Hindi and open up a world of opportunities for yourself!

Here Are the Best Ways to Learn Hindi

Undoubtedly, the best way to learn Hindi is to engage multiple functions or senses of the body. This includes reading, listening, writing, and watching Hindi books, movies, audio/music, and more. Interestingly, some people have the instinct to learn easily by conversing. On the other hand, some others learn a language better by learning to write it. All in all, there’s no single best way to learn Hindi. Instead, a little bit of everything comes together to improve your language capabilities on all fronts!

Best Ways to Learn Hindi

Read on to know the best ways to learn the Hindi language and strengthen your proficiency in this beautiful language:

Create A List Of New Words You Come Across Everyday

You will come across new Hindi words every day through reading, listening, and watching content. Undoubtedly, the natural tendency is to look up the meaning of these words immediately in the dictionary. But, that’s not enough. In spite of reading the meaning of the word, you can easily forget these words if you don’t make it a point to revisit them, and often. A great way to achieve repetition is by creating a list of new words. As you come across more words, keep adding to this list. As a result, every time you add a new word, read all the old words again! Consequently, you revise your earlier discoveries and remember their meanings. Along the way, you continue to add new words to your vocabulary too!

Using Your Knowledge of Another Language Is The Best Way To Learn Hindi

One of the easiest ways to learn Hindi is to approach it through another language. For example, if you are proficient in English, use English as a crutch language to learn Hindi. Wondering how? Let me explain!

You can draw parallels between the grammar in Hindi and English. As a result, you can structure better sentences. Also, learning and using phrases & idioms in Hindi becomes much easier when translated into English. Using English, one can also learn the conjugation of verbs in simple past, present and past participles.

English has borrowed a great number of words from Hindi. Consequently, if you have a rich vocabulary in English, you can, sure enough, build one in Hindi too! Cashmere, loot, musk, mongoose, swastika, and mango are some of the many English words borrowed from Hindi.

Not just English, several languages are useful in learning Hindi. Some languages with a high level of similarity with Hindi include Urdu, Arabic, Gujarati, and French.

Speak Hindi With Your Near & Dear Ones

Learning Hindi or any language for that matter involves a lot of practice. For this reason, the best way to do that is to speak Hindi as often as you can. Wondering what’s the best way to learn Hindi speaking and get better at it every day? Speaking Hindi with your family!

That’s right; you can take your learning curve in top gear by speaking Hindi every day. From discussing basic everyday chores to talking about big news events, make Hindi your preferred communication language. Then, you will notice your fluency and speed increase in just a few days! No doubt, this is the best way to learn Hindi speaking very quickly!

Carry A Hindi Dictionary & Learn Hindi Easily

You can learn Hindi fast if you keep at it all day and every day! Of course, we don’t mean that you spend your whole day studying and reading. However, the simple act of carrying a dictionary with you wherever you go will help you immensely! For example, every time you came across a new word, look for its meaning in Hindi. Later in your free time, try to look up other words in Hindi that have the same meaning. Thus, you will broaden your vocabulary and also identify words with similar meanings.

Read Hindi Newspapers To Learn Hindi For Professional Use

Constantly upgrade your reading and comprehension skills in Hindi by reading Hindi newspapers and journals. Indeed, the Hindi used in newspapers and journals is extremely crisp and accurate. Reading this every day will help you develop pure Hindi grammar and diction that you can use even in professional circles. Undoubtedly, this is the easiest way to learn Hindi grammar and language rules.

Write Your Original Content

Believe it or not, creating your original content is the best way to learn the Hindi language. This is true because it encourages you to complete sentences, find new words, and get the grammar rules right.

Hence, put your imagination to good use by writing your very own original Hindi content. You don’t have to be an author or a poet. Further, you don’t even have to write publishable content. Even a simple short story can help your ability to structure sentences in Hindi. It will also help you discover new words to express your thoughts. Moreover, you can take the help of an online translator to find Hindi words for English words.

Don’t Give Up

Have you often asked yourself, “What is the best way to learn Hindi?”

Here is the answer – don’t give up! Undoubtedly, learning Hindi involves consistent efforts in reading, writing, and spelling; comprehension and dialogue are all important parts of learning Hindi. However, if you are serious about learning Hindi, the best way to learn the Hindi language is to not give up! Invest your time in all parts of learning Hindi and slowly you will see your skills in writing & reading improve manifold.

We Hope We Have Helped You with the Best Ways to Learn the Hindi Language

The above ways are tried and tested methods to learn Hindi easily. Follow these approaches and learn Hindi fuss-free from the comfort of your home!

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